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Côte d’Azur

What a week it has been. It all started last Friday, when Simay and I went to Gare de Lyon in Paris to take the train to Avignon. It was finally time for our friends, Tanya and Quentin to get married in Southern France. We arrived at Avignon quite early, so we got to see the beatiful city and all of it’s landmarks. We woke up excited on Saturday, the day was finally here. And what a wedding it was! The ceremony was in an old church in one of the most beautiful small villages, la Roque-sur-Cèze. The whole village is made of stone and in the same style. Thereafter we were brought to Château Saint Maurice for the reception. Driving up to the Château it felt like we were part of Ridley Scott’s A Good Year, starring Russel Crowe and Marion Cotillard. The whole wedding was better than what any Hollywood director could have imagined. It is one of those weddings that simply cannot be replicated. 

We woke up early the morning after to catch the train to Marseille, where we met with our friends…

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