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A week filled with elections

After almost 1 and a half week in Paris without Simi she has finally come back home. Although she brought the cold weather with her it’s great to have her back. It’s been a strange week and a half, but it was most strange the last 4 days, with all the things that happened during the Turkish election. I’m not going to get in to what have most likely happened, but I have to say that it is scary that it is possible for people to use democracy to get rid of democracy. During Sunday night, I kept on hearing Senator Amidala, from Star Wars, in my head saying: "So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause". The fact that the person deciding if there should be a re-election is the man who just won the right to be a dictator. So on Sunday, the future of Simay’s country was decided, and this Sunday the future of our, and maybe even the future of Europe, will get closer to a decision. With the upcoming French election this Sunday, I couldn’t help but think: What if Le Pen wins…

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