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The week that passed

Hi everyone! As you might have noticed, I didn’t write a post on Wednesday. I apologize for that. So, in today’s post I will give you a quick recap of the most important things that happened this week.

Wednesday, May 17th, was the Norwegian Constitution Day. I started the day like I have the last couple of years, with a Facetime call with my guys from back home. It’s always nice to see the guys for what might be only 5-10 minutes. To see how they’re all doing during the breakfast. For those of you who don’t know; on the 17th of May, its normal for us to start the day with what we call a “Champagne breakfast”. Usually everyone brings some kind of food, and we make sure to have some bubbles in our glass. This year, I think my guys started as early as 7.30 am. Simay and I had our own version of "champagne breakfast" this year. Simay made Norwegian waffles for the first time, and we had some wine (not champagne). After my usual French class with Pierre in the morning, we went t…

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