All settled in the new apartment

We are finally settled in the new apartment and are ready for the new year to come. It wasn’t the easiest thing we´ve done to go from the Airport, Charles de Gaulle, to the apartment by train, RER, while dragging 5 big baggages but we did it, with help from some lovely Parisians (Yes, people, polite and helpful Parisians exist. But more on that in a later post.)

I´ve been very lucky both times I´ve moved to Paris, both of my landlords have been great hosts. Our new landlord is amazing! He offered to buy in food for us as we were getting in late, found extra space in the building that we can store the suitcases we couldn’t fit in the closet, he also invited us to have drinks with him and his wife, and he offered to help us with the moving. The morning after we got here we went to a friend of Simay´s place where Simay has stored her stuff the last weeks. Thats were we looked at each other and realized that we should be happy with the effort we did last night on getting all the luggage from the airport to the apartment by public transportation, and we ordered an Uber to get us home with everything in one go. 

We live in the 16th, in an apartment close to the park Bois de Boulogne, and surrounded by bakeries and shops of all kind. Having been to different parts of Paris we can see that it is a posh area, both on the buildings, with its big Parisian stone buildings, with sometimes extreme ornate, the shops, and most of all; the people. There are classy elders walking around like they are ready to jump into Stanley Donen´s Charade at any moment. 


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