Summer is officially here

Oh, how warm it is. It was 30 degrees on Friday, but it felt like 40. We spent most of the day under the sun, while watching tennis players reach their goals of playing in the Roland Garros, French Open. It was the last day of the qualifications for the tournament. As two students, we cant always do everything we want to do, but we find ways to make it anyways. All you have to do is make some modifications. We really wanted to watch some games in the French Open but the prices are above what we are willing to pay for it at the moment. That is why watching the qualification is a perfect alternative. We get to experience the atmosphere, see great tennis being played, and see the venues. Also, a lot of the stars have higher goals than moving past the first round of the tournament, in other words: the games we could afford would not have been as important to them as the qualifications are for the players in the qualifications. Some of these players dream of just having the opportunity to prove themselves with the big boys and girls.
It was an amazing day, where we both lost an unknown amount of water throughout the day. Every time you moved a little in the seat you could feel how the shirt would stick to your body.

Today I spent most of the day relaxing, and simply surviving in the heat. When Simay returned from her flee market shopping she told me that I have 20 minutes to get ready, because we were going to our first dance class together. On tonight’s menu was Blues Dance. We went to a workshop at Nation. It was a fun experience; it was my first couple dance lesson since I had it in middle school (If I remember correctly). The instructors were great, and guess what! We managed to understand most of what they were saying, even if they were speaking mostly French. We are looking forward to more workshops in the future, and who knows when I will be courageous enough to step into Simay’s domain; Tango.  


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