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Hi everyone, It’s Simay again! Taking over E’s blog for this week’s post.

As we try to share the top news of our weeks through this blog with you, he thought I’d share the story behind my article on Vogue and my photoshoot with Barbara as well. – thanks love.
A few weeks ago, I got a message from my dear friend Deniz Bulutsuz from Istanbul -who’s currently working for Vogue Turkey- saying that they’re publishing the sub-magazine of Vogue: “Miss Vogue” soon, for the first time in Turkey. In the magazine, they have a career section and they interviewed people from different ages, different backgrounds who have studied and are currently studying Fashion abroad. I have to admit, even though it doesn’t sound like a big deal when you read it this way, but at that moment was one of those “wait, WHAAAAAAAAT?!!” kind of moment in my head. I filled out the questions which you’ll see it translated in English below, and also had to send a photo attached to it. Sanah, one of my precious classmates, reached for help and took some beautiful pictures of me so that I could send a few et voila! Week after Miss Vogue Turkey was placed on each corner of Istanbul and support messages rained to my message box. Now see, this is big for me because as people who studied anything abroad would confirm, living away from home, leaving our comfort zone and try to achieve things even the simple things is not so easy. I may yet not have achieved everything that I wanted to achieve for the time since I moved to Paris but I’m working on becoming the best version of myself. I owe so much to the people both who have already thought me a lot of things and the ones I meet very recently yet who have become my family here. Gotta thank E above all, for motivating me even tough I could be a very crazy girl sometimes and for literally making everything just more magical than it already is.. even living in Paris. Not all things necessarily have to be achieved alone, we’re working on things together.

Here’s the interview in English :
"It is important to be certain about your expectations and where you see yourself in the future. The places you choose to start your business life in your internship are also decisive"

Simay Demirel, MBA Luxury Brand Management

Why: I completed Marmara University in the 2014-2015 terms as an Erasmus student in Paris. I wanted to have a longer experience after a dream like year.

When to apply: For those who would like to apply to study at IFA Paris, the right time to apply is April/May because most intakes start from September/October.

Application process: While some schools require exam scores like GMAT, some others like IFA Paris require IELTS or TOEFL score. Besides these, you are requested to apply online on their website and provide passport copy, latest educational diploma, motivation letter, etc.. After that, an online interview is conducted.

Challenges: As a procedure of IFA Paris, you have to pass an online test and it was quite challenging for me.

Benefits and advantages: You get to see that “networking” is really not that intimidating. During talks with executive level professionals, you realize that everybody learns something new from one another.

Career Opportunities: Networking, networking, networking! After languages, networking and connections are the most important point for a career in France.


Also have to thank all of you for showing love and interest to our photoshoot with Barbara. She’s a friend whom I met 2 years ago when I was here for Erasmus and she was conducting the photography club at INSEEC. Now she’s running a lifestyle/fashion photography blog and she wanted to expand her portfolio so I took her to 3 of my most favorite places, which are; Holiday Café-the most elegant café to be on a sunny Sunday for brunch, The Grand Mosque Paris-a truly wonderful place and finally to the Rue Crémieux-where all the colorful houses in Paris meets in a petite street. Barbara took beautiful pictures and Antoine, a.k.a Koko, keep the mood up all day by his R&B playlists and just by his being really. Thanks to you guys his backstage video and Barbara’s blogpost was a success! I have collected such precious friends all around the world I guess.
& here are some unpublished ones:

Update: E just came home from the café in the corner of our street where he watched the Europa League Final. Guessing Manchester United’s back into the Champion’s League cause.. no wait, you should see his face.

X, Simotto


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