Hockey time

Another weekend, another game.
This isn't a sports blog, but as I said in one of the earlier posts: It's that time of the year! So these last weeks there have been a lot of sports for me.
One of the things we love about Paris is that it's always something happening. For me, there is always some sports event to attend. Today's sport: Ice hockey. It's the world championship in Paris and Cologne. Today was the first game for Norway, and it was even against France. I have to admit that I was a little surprised by the fact that there were only a little over 7 000 spectators in the Accor Hotel Arena, which holds over 14 000.Of course, hockey isn't as popular as handball in France, but I still expected a full house in one of the most important games for the team. The atmosphere at the game can't even come close to the atmosphere last time we were in that arena (semifinal of the handball World Champions in February). Other than the goals, there wasn't much cheering going on. Luckily, that didn't happen too often tonight.

Norway managed to win the game 3-2, and therefore have a perfect start to the championship. The goal for the Norwegian team is the same as every year: To reach the quarterfinals. If we're lucky, they'll reach that goal and play their quarterfinal here in Paris.

So good luck, boys. Kjør!

Tomorrow it's time for another sporting event, this time we will watch Stine, Hanna, Silje and the rest of Issy Paris against Toulon in the quarterfinals of the women's handball playoffs. Thereafter we hope to get home to see that mr. Macron crushed Le Pen in the election! So a very exciting weekend.


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