Paris fashion week

The first Paris fashion week of the year is underway, and thanks to Simay’s school we got tickets to the “Who´s next” exposition, which is the leading international fashion trade show for womenswear in Europe. It is so nice to see all the different clothes and brands other than the stores we usually buy our clothes in. One thing I can tell you for sure is that pink is coming back, big time! The problem with being a student and going to these kind of tradeshows is that you see all the cool designs and feel the great fabrics that are out there, and you kind of don’t want to go back to H&M and Zara. Just like when you have been a weekend in England to watch the Premier League and now you have to go back and watch your local football team play, its not the same anymore. The positive thing about this is that you know what kind of fabrics you like, and it is easier to find higher quality products when you know what kind of fabrics you are looking for, not just looking at the design of the product.

But another fun thing about the fashion week here is that you get to see all the different outfits people are wearing, not just on the runway. There are a lot of unique people here during these fashion weeks. I see a lot of different pieces of clothing that I would like to wear, but also a lot of pieces I wouldn’t even consider taking a second look if I saw it in a store. However, this is the great thing about fashion. It lets people describe who they are, what culture they come from, and in some cases their political views.

@stormpedersen, picture taken by @ryanfabiani

Here are some of the pictures from today: 


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