Bucket list

Since moving here, and even before for that matter, I have had some time to sit and reflect on what it is that I want to do. A bucket list so to speak. But the list wasn’t as long as it is today before I started sharing it with other people and heard what it was that they wanted to. I think it’s a good idea to share some of the things it is that I want to do, and hopefully you will find some of them interesting and let it inspire you to do it as well.
Please let me know what’s on your list!

-       Travel a lot more
o   China
o   India
o   South Korea
o   Japan
o   Kenya
o   Morocco
o   Egypt
o   Colombia
o   Argentina
o   Australia
o   New Zealand
o   Iceland
o   + many other countries

-       Learn about different cultures.

-       Keep learning new languages, mainly French and Turkish for now.

-       See a real life giant panda.

Two pandas in one picture

-       Watch the Oakland Raiders in a Super Bowl (That is if they remain in Oakland)

From last years Super Bowl with Simay and the guys in Bergen. Always representing the Raiders!

-       Go to a Boston Celtics playoff game.

From 2014, when Magnus and I went to Boston to watch the Celtics against the Rockets

Hoping to see banner number 18 up here sooner rather than later

-       Go to a Detroit Red Wings playoff game.

-       Read more! Everything from the classics to history books, biographies, fashion books.

-       Learn more about wine.

From wine tasting at INSEEC back in 2014

-       Work in fashion again

From our internship at Oscar de la Renta in 2015, during Paris Fashion Week.

-       Go skiing in the Alps.

-       Be a mentor to someone.

-       Fly in a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia (Yes, even if I have huge respect for heights).

-       Learn to dance tango.

Simay in her dancing glory days

-       See the Northern Lights.

-       Learn to surf.

-       Have an apartment with a wall filled with books (preferably books that I’ve read).

Now, please tell me what’s on your bucket list.


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