Back at INSEEC

Today I was back at the school I was studying at last time I was in Paris.
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be the guest speaker for the new students. It was fun to be back, and see how much they have changed the inside of the school, and that for the better. The student cafeteria is still small but at least it is bigger now than what it was, and there are pictures everywhere of students I studied with.

I was invited back to talk to the new students about some of the things they have to be aware of in order to get the most out of their stay here in Paris. But I was also there to talk about the importance of sports in a business student’s life. This is a topic I find very interesting, as I’ve been doing sports my entire life and worked as a personal trainer thus seen the effect activity has on people. Those effects can be anything from being happier, more confident, better posture to being more competitive both at the gym and at work.
I think its crucial for a business student to do some kind of sport, not just to be healthy but also to develop some of the skills required in the business sector. You have to be able to compete, and developing that competitiveness is something that is very easy to do with sports. Not just competing with others but also competing with oneself. 

It is a reason why the TV-show “The Biggest Loser” always ask their contestants if they have done any sport before. It is simply because it is much easier to get them to gain that competitiveness back, and the feeling of accomplishment, if they can relate it to something they’ve done in the past. Even if the contestant wasn’t very good at the given sport, they still experienced the things needed to develop these skills. Just by catching a ball one time in a game of American football gives that person a feeling of accomplishment and success that is of course possible to get on other arenas as well but in my opinion not as strong as you can with sports. Your body is already engaged in the activity, so when that good feeling comes it spreads through the entire body. I can’t remember how many times I have heard from my teammates and friends that have been watching a game that my celebrations are crazy. It is simply because of the amazing feeling that rushes through your body when you make a great save or throw a great pass. You simply have to experience it. That is why the NHL ran a commercial some years back, where they interviewed the players after they’ve won the Stanley Cup. None of them could put into words how it felt to win. They simply had “No words” as the commercial stated. I have never experienced winning something that big, but as a former athlete I can understand that they are lost for words when winning THE CUP they’ve been dreaming of winning since they first learned to run.

This is just a part of what I talked about today, and I could go on forever about the positive sides of playing sports, both for business students and everyone else, but I am not going to go into that much details here. But my advice for everyone reading this post is: Find an activity you like doing, and do it. Because there is nothing that can replace all the positive effects that comes with sports.


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