Vintage Shopping

After a long week with classes and projects, including one 12-hour day, it is nice to finally have a day off again. I rarely have very long days of school here in Paris, so when I finally have one it seems longer than it is. It was a nice week where I learned a lot and met a lot of great people, and we managed to have some fun despite the intensive schedule.

Today we could finally sleep in a little and relax. We decided to go to a men’s vintage market at La Cour du Marais. There was a lot of nice clothing there, but of course Simay and I only liked the stuff that was above my budget. So, despite everything they had to offer we ended up going home empty-handed. We did manage to find some new stores and talk to some interesting people that we wouldn’t have found if we didn’t go there, so who knows? Maybe we´ll find something good and that we can afford another time.


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