Paris Fashion Week

Last night we went to our first real fashion show. Simay is working for Y/Project during the Paris Fashion Week. Y/Project is a Parisian brand, where Glenn Martens is the creative director. Their collections are known for challenging the classic classifications. Their fashion week kicked off with the runway show last night. It was a thrilling show with a lot of exciting outfits. I especially liked this look:

It was amazing to see the difference between looking at a picture of a look online and actually seeing it with your own eyes. There were a lot of looks that I don’t think I would have loved as much if I only saw it online. It truly was an amazing show, with a bunch of amazing looks. You know a show is going to be good when you hear Shaggy being played from the speakers. It was fun to see all the action that is surrounding a fashion show. Seeing the CEO running around in the hallway to make sure everything is running smoothly (as well as getting his friends in). The only disappointing thing about the show was that I thought I was able to take some really good pictures, but when I checked them out after the show they did not live up to my expectations. It looked like a 2 year old had taken them while pretending the phone was an airplane toy. So most of the pictures you see here are taken by Simay from her position at the show.

In other news: One of the teachers at my old school, INSEEC, has contacted me with his business idea. In fact, I’m going to meet him right after this post is online. I don’t want to get too much into the details of it at this moment. However, it is an opportunity for me to get back into the handball world, by helping athletes reach some of their goals outside the court. I have run the business idea with some of my friends, and they all think that it sounds like a great idea that might make a difference. That’s one of the things that triggers me when I think about the job.

For more pictures and videos, check out Simi’s instagram: @simotto


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