It happened again. This is the second time this has happened to me in Paris.
On Thursday, I was walking down the street, on my way to work on a school project, when it happened: I got starstruck!

The first time it happened was 2,5 years ago when I was walking from my former apartment to the metro and Zlatan stepped out of a car. He was going to pick up his kids from school. I wanted to say something in Swedish, but for some reason I couldn’t come up with a single word. It was like all my veins were opened so that all the blood in my body could rush through them like water in a waterslide.

On Thursday, I got that same feeling, but in a greater sense of wondering as well. I got out of the metro at Franklin D. Roosevelt, stepped out into the Avenue Montaigne. I was walking down Av. Montaigne and I passed a lot of well-dressed people, as they all are in that street. For those of you who don’t know; Avenue Montaigne is part of the “Triangle d'or” where all the best fashion brands are located. I passed a group of people in their early 20s, and couldn’t quite make out what it was that they were saying, but I thought I heard some Norwegian words here and there. “That was funny, I like it when I hear a few Norwegian words in Paris,” I thought to myself.
And then it happened.

Behind this group of people, maybe 10-15 meters behind, came a man with sunglasses and big curly hair. You could see that he was a person of somewhat importance. Then I looked at the woman he was talking to, and at first I was a little bit uncertain but after a second or two I was 100% sure: It was the Queen of Norway! Her majesty the Queen of Norway! It was Queen Sonja of Norway!

Again the blood was rushing through my body, full of energy just like a diet coke mixed with a couple of Mentos. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I mean, meeting Zlatan was not something I expected but at least he lived in Paris at the time. I didn’t even know that the Queen was in France. For a second I even forgot that the Norwegian embassy is located right around the corner. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say. I knew one thing for sure though: Do NOT stop the Queen and ask for a selfie! I repeat: Do NOT ask her majesty for a selfie!
Just seconds after the Queen had passed I came up with a long speech of things that I had wanted to say to her majesty. I wanted to tell the Queen how much I respect her majesty, and how grateful I am for the fact that the Queen and the King are exactly the two people they are. Someone that’s a great role model for everyone in Norway, who respects everyone, no matter age, sex, size, race, religion or sexuality. I believe that with the social media and all the different “social media celebrities” young people gets exposed to, it is great to have a King and a Queen with such great moral values that we can look up to as a nation. So, I guess what I wanted to say the most to her majesty was: Thank you!
I regret not saying it, but at the same time it’s probably nice for the Queen to be able to walk down the streets unrecognized. I hope her majesty is having a great time while she is in Paris. As a Queen that loves culture, I thing her majesty is in the perfect city.


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