Reunited, and it feels so good!

Last weekend we finally got to see one of our friends from the first exchange semester in Paris. It was over 2 years since we last saw Thomas, but after 30 minutes it was like we never parted ways. It was like we were still at INSEEC, just hanging out for the weekend. It was so good to see him and talk to him again. We talked about the “good old times”, going through old stories, and the fun things we did together. 

Thomas is currently studying in London, so it was interesting to hear about his daily life over there. I’ve been to London a couple of times so I know the major tourist attractions, but it was fun to hear how it is to live in “the City”. I have to admit though; I still prefer Paris.

We walked around all weekend. On Saturday, we walked from our apartment in the 16th to le Marais, and then to Saint-Michael. And of course, I managed to get sunburned on the top of my bald head. But apart from the sunburn it was one of the best days in 2017. We walked, talked, tried to recreate the picture we took on the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette 2,5 years ago. That’s a pretty funny picture to me. I believe we took that picture during the first week of the exchange. We didn’t know each other that well at the time, yet the two people in that picture happened to be two of the people I got the best connection with during my entire first year in Paris.

Once we got to Châtelet it was time for a refreshing cup of bubble tea, by far my preferred beverage in Paris. Not even the great French wines can compete with my personal bubble tea mix. I highly recommend you to try it out if you haven’t tried it yet, and if you’ve tried it already you’re probably already thinking about where your closest bubble tea place is.

After a nice fondue dinner we went home and charged our batteries before meeting up with the rest of the gang from the exchange, who are is still in Paris. It was a great evening filled with “Cards against humanity” and dancing. The perfect way to end a great weekend-visit.

We are looking forward to see you again, Thomas!


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