Sports Saturday

After a busy week with a lot of things happening it is nice to finally have a day just relaxing at home. The week has been filled with classes, fashion shows, meetings, focus groups, studying French and a lot of school projects.
Don’t get me wrong, it has been a great week, but at some point the body needs to rest a little as well. Today is that day. Tomorrow it’s all back to work again, so today is going to be spent the way I used to spend it back in Norway: With a lot of sports on TV. I am now waiting for the Women’s 30km in the World Ski Championships to start. It is raining outside so it’s exactly like being back in Bergen, except for the fact that I have Simay next to me.

I apologize for the fact that today’s post isn’t longer than this, but now I’m going to close the computer and cheer for Marit Bjørgen and the other Norwegian girls.


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